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Experian, Equifax and TransUnion Reports & Scores immediately access.
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Key Features

Experian, Equifax and TransUnion™ Reports & Scores Can Be Refreshed Every 30 Days.
ScoreCasterIQ & IdentityIQ
 3 Bureau Daily Monitoring & Alerts
Dark Web Monitoring
$1,000,000 Identity Theft Insurance*

Credit Reporting

Credit Reports and Scores (Three Bureau Credit Reports).

Receive unlimited, online access to your 3 Bureau credit reports and scores in an easy-toread format. Reports can be refreshed every 30 days and pulling your report will not hurt your credit score!!!!


ScoreCasterIQ provides a detailed analysis of your credit report, recommended actions to consider with the accounts impacting your score, and an interactive score simulation tool to educate and assist with general credit score scenarios.

Checking Account Reporting.

Know whether any of your monitoring accounts for unpaid payments, overcharged accounts, fraudulent activities, or any other rationale has been mentioned to the Chex structure. A flagged account could be a powerful sign of fraudulent action.

Credit Monitoring

Credit Monitoring and Alerts (Monitoring from all 3 Bureaus).

Get active Monitoring and Alerts from all 3-credit bureaus for Public Record Monitoring, Derogatory Payment Monitoring, New Account Opening Alerts and Credit Card Monitoring.

Score Change Alerts.

We track your credit score and notify you whenever your rating changes by 10 or even more points.

Enhanced Credit Monitoring.

Your credit tracking will be enhanced with notifications for new approved users, credit card over limits, credit card stolen or lost and much more.

ID Theft Protection

Dark Web and Internet Monitoring.

Through our global search, we scour the dark web for SSN, name, email address, and mailing address in over 25 languages and notify you of anything that looks suspicious.

$1,000,000 ID Theft Coverage*.

wages, you’re covered! Legal fees, you’re covered! Stolen funds reimbursement, you’re covered! IdentityIQ will offer up to $1 million in identity theft insurance for the primary member.

Application Monitoring.

IdentityIQ monitors millions of transactions in real-time for attempts to use your SSN in association with an application or id authentication. Our network includes companies that offer credit, including those that do not necessarily report to the credit bureaus such as cell phone companies and utilities.

Change of Address Monitoring

IdentityIQ monitors the National. Change of Address (NCOA) database at the USPS. Changing a consumer’s address to hijack mail is a common step in identity theft. We alert if the post office receives a request to send the customer’s mail to a new address.

U.S. Based Fraud Restoration Service.

Our professional US-based fraud recovery experts make sure your financial security, privacy, or federal and state law enforcement. Recovery from identity fraud isn’t a simple matter so you’re in safe hands with assistance from IdentityIQ.

SSN Alerts.

IdentityIQ constantly monitors a customer’s SSN in conjunction with ID verification for attempted abuse.

Criminal Records Monitoring.

For evidence of a crime committed through your name, we track court records or legislation enforcement datasets from across country. Identification thieves could use false documents to try to avoid prosecution when charged with a criminal offence.

Synthetic ID Theft.

This kind of fraud happens when a criminal makes use of a mixture of real and fictitious data to establish a new identity. IdentityIQ monitors your SSN for every synthetic ID Theft proof where it uses your SSN with the name of somebody else, etc.

Lost Wallet Form & Assistance.

You can act immediately to our Lost Wallet support to cancel or replace them before they’re even used. It could also help to filing police statements and calls for follow-up resolving if your wallet has been stolen.

File Sharing Networks.

We constantly monitor networks for the sharing of files. The identification thieves could use these networks to share and sell identification files while staying anonymous.

Opt Out IQ (email spam / may not contact list).

Use the “Do Not Mail” or “Do Not Call” lists to keep telemarketers or direct mailings aside.

IQ Centre.

Knowledge base for teaching articles, suggestions and much more.


New Credit, Applications venue registry, Doctor Visits College, registration individual information, and shopping online are all around us.


Criminals are most efficient on uninformed victims. The safety against identity theft puts back control into your hands.


Defend your personal information with the services Moneyman. Our team uses focus on innovation or enhanced tracking technology to secure your credit or identity, allowing you to return to your life.

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