10 Year Simple Loan Program

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Get a Simple Loan from $3,500 to $250,000 within 1 Hour
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Tailored Business Loan Programs for Every Entrepreneur

Money Man 4 Business Presents an Ideal Solution for One and All! Whether you are Running a Small Online Business or Selling Products from your Garage/ Kitchen, we bring to you a 10 Year Simple Loan Program designed to give your Business the Acceleration You Lacked!

STOP standing in never ending Bank Lines or sitting in hours-long Investor Meets.

Grab an Instant Business Loan within two hours of Application, only with Money Man 4 Business.

  • Conditional Approval within 10 minutes

  • Submission of ONLY 3 Documents with Application

  • Receive Funds within 2 hours of Approval

  • Fixed Monthly Payment that Suits You

  • No Securities Required

  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

  • Get Loan as low as $3,500 and as high as $250,000

  • In-house Underwriters and Finance Professionals

  • High Flexibility

  • Experts made available at your Beck and Call 888.88.CASH.1 ext:0


How much do you pay?

Re-payments are made monthly basis, terms ranging from 6 months to 10 years. Two major factors depends upon how much you will pay back. Business owner’s credit worthiness and the term of the loan.

Prime Business Loans

Overall Score of ApplicantLoan Amount Interest RateLoan TermsMin. Monthly Payments
Tier A1$76,000 – $250,00014.90%120 mo$1,221.50 – $4,018.08
Tier A2$76,000 – $200,00019.90%120 mo$1,463.71 – $3,851.86
Tier A3$76,000 – $150,00024.90%120 mo$1,723.59 – $3,401.82

Can I repay early?

YES. We encourage business owner’s to pay off their loan early because you will save a lot of cash savings on interest. Many of our customers pay extra $100 monthly if they can’t afford to pay off the loan entirely. No hidden fees for early repayment. Interest is only charged for the days that you borrow. If you would like to make prepayments or pay off early. Call us at 888-882-2741 ext. 0 and one of our Financial Officers will assist you. For Payment options, please refer to our FAQ.

*Does not apply to the Fixed Payback Loan.

Can I borrow again?

You can choose another program we have for additional capital. Lender of this program does not refinance existing balances. Many of our customers use this program for Bridge loan purposes. We can you fund your loan within 8 business hours and then use SBA or another loan to pay this loan off. By repaying your business loan responsibly, your business may qualify for lower fees and rates with a higher credit limit. Doing this you are building better business credit profile.

*Of course, prior loan approval does not guarantee subsequent 
loan approvals. You will need to re-qualify based on the 
current guidelines in effect at the time of reapplying.
Representative Example
Amount of 2nd Loan (if qualified)$30,000
Origination Fee 5% = $1,500 (compared to 10%)
Total Funds Wired to You$28,500 (Origination fee deducted from total amount)
**Note: Lower Origination Fee does not apply to the Fixed 
Payback Loan program. 
Terms, conditions & licensing various by State. Ask our agent for
clarification per state. Programs are not available in call States.

You can apply for Money Man 4 Business Small Business Loans from our website or by contacting a Money Man 4 Business loan representative. Our application process is simple, less paperwork and is available 24/7.

Before you decide to go ahead with the loan, you will get a chance to review your loan documents and terms of the loan to make sure the loan is right for you.

Apply now 24/7 or call us, and Get an Instant Pre-Decision

Review the amount of money you qualify for and the costs

Send us 3 Recent Business Bank Statements, Government Issued identification & Money Man Application

Money Man 4 Business is a one stop shop for every Business, looking for Loans or Financial Assistance to give a new face to their Dream! Our professionals offer a broad range of Reliable Programs for Entrepreneurs to pick from. With the lowest interest rates and quick approval processes, Money Man 4 Business is among the leading organizations for to help you Achieve success smoothly.

Entrepreneurs are Synonymous with Go-Getters! Are you?
Grab the Best Business Loan Program if you are Passionate,
as much as we are!

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