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Our Decisions are mostly based on

Type of business
Time in business
Gross Sales

We have over 40 different type of business
loan programs. We are your one stop shop.

When bank Say NO, We Say Yes!

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Various payment options:


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True Business Line of Credit
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Since 2007, Money Man 4 Business
has been helping business owners
like you, Let us help you!

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Small Business Loans in Houston, TX

1 to 5 year business loans from 5.49% APR

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40+ CASH & Business LOAN Programs

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Factors For Approval

  • Type of Business
  • Time In Business
  • Annual Gross Revenues



Fast Decision

  • Approval in 2 business days
  • Funding in 5 business days
  • The quickest in the Industry



Our Main Highlights

  • $150k in tax liens are ok
  • Use funds at your own discretion
  • unsecured business loans

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About Our Loans

  • $10,000 to $250,000
  • 6 to 24 month terms
  • Fully Automated Process with various options



When Bank Says No! We Say Yes!!



Over 40 Programs In 5 Categories



Platinum Programs

-Rates 12.99% to 14.99% APR

Gold Programs

-Factor Rates 1.18% to 1.46%

Silver+ Programs

-Factor Rates 1.18% to 1.46%

Silver Programs

-Factor Rates 1.20% to 1.46%

Bronze Programs

-Factor Rates 1.38% to 1.50%



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They allowed me to purchase the diagnostic equipment my shop needed now for repair of expensive European cars. Now all repairs are done in-house and there is no need to send out to the dealers for repairs. Thanks MM4B.
Auto Repair Shop, Ron, Stockton, CA.
We were very nervous before inquiring. Time was of the essence. It felt good working with a reliable company. They funded me very fast, always returned phone calls and their Customer Service was excellent!
Dr. Michael, Lexington, KY.
Their concept of cash flow management is outstanding. I highly recommend this company to any business no matter what the nature of the business is. It can make your life that much easier.
Janitorial Services, Jeane, Lafayette, CA.
We filled out the application and in less than 2 weeks the money was posted in our account. The best part is, it will be paid off in less than a year! I can also track it online daily. If I have any question, I can call and talk to a person immediately. The company is great. We will use their program again!!!! Thanks so much.
Wholesaler of Bath, Body and Spa products, Angie, Chaffeef, MO.
It has proven to be my #1 source for short term funding. I started my business with bad credit, little working capital, and nothing but passion for what I do. Well, banks don’t lend on passion! Even in our fourth year of business, we found it difficult to qualify for even the smallest of bank loans. Thank you for MM4B considering me more than just a credit score and allowing me to fulfill my dream of owning my own business.
Restaurant, Wayne, South Padre Isle, TX.
In these difficult economic times, it is nice to know that you are working with people you can trust and who have you best interest at heart. JJ fits this description well! Thanks.
Auto Repair Shop, Dick, Denver, CO.
Through their help, I was able to get the extra capital needed to have the best sales quarter I’ve had in four years. The extra capital allowed me to be at ease and focus on sales and profits. Thank you very much MM4B.
Restaurant, Al Lucero, Santa Fe, NM.
The company has been easy and enjoyable to work with. This type of funding is different but easy to use. We are a small company but this type of funding fits our needs well.
Pharmacies and Drug Stores, Amin, Cedar Grove, NJ.
I needed money and the business was in a pinch. The paperwork was so quick and easy, I couldn’t believe it. Instead of days or weeks like a bank, it was only a few hours. I would recommend this to any business who is in a tight spot and needs help fast.
Fruit and Vegetable Market, Randy, MI.
They offered me different options for capital and funded me in 4 days. The program works well for my business and me.
Restaurant. Wally, New York, NY
I appreciate the time and patience you had for me. It is definitely a plus on your side... Thanks again, and please forward this to your boss. You definitely handled the situation properly and deserve at least a pat on the back!
Larry, Automotive Repair Shop
I just want to let you know about the outstanding work of one of your employees, JJ Guillory. While I initiated the first call, he was fabulous in following up with me over the last six months. I called just for informational purposes and wasn't sure if I'd need the service. Many months later it turned out I did need it earlier than I thought, and if JJ had not kept in touch with me periodically, I might have turned to another company. He was diligent and timely-- but not pushy -- and highly professional. I don't see enough of that in the world today so I really, really appreciate it. You're fortunate to have a pro like him working for you, which I'm sure you already know! He was absolutely outstanding.
Christine Colton, Medical Center
This makes a huge difference in my world. I own a yoga & dance studio, and am an intuitive counselor in private practice. My idea with Peace Posse was to unite people across the world by providing guided meditation and charging a little bit for it. I just don't feel right about charging for it, so I am going to be offering it for free. Peace in our world is something I choose not to put a price on. I am still working to get the yoga & dance studio in a profit mode. Right now, it is breaking even...thank goodness. I know that you didn't have to help me and I truly appreciate everything that you have done.
Maryann, Yoga & Dance Studio
I just wanted to send you a quick note and let you know that I had a very good experience with one of your employees on the phone this afternoon, JJ Guillory... He was friendly, efficient, professional, easy to understand and helpful!!! You have a great employee and I wish that other technology support lines had people just like him!!!
Kristen, Pet Care Service
I was pleased to have someone who LISTENED, 'heard me' and was able to soothe a rather angry 'me' today. I look forward in my dealings with him, if by chance I should need assistance in the near future.
Ava P. Ryan, Insurance Agency
I requested a contact from your credit card services division. Much to my delight, I was contacted the very same day! With much apprehension, I answered my cell when I received a call from Mr. Lee Mailloux. I truly wasn't interested in credit card services; I just wanted to be educated on the potential of having this option in the future. Today, I can say I'm sure glad I answered that call! Lee's customer service was un-parallel...   These are the 3 reasons that I decided to move forward with Money Man 4 Integrity credit card services:   1) Complete patience and detailed explanations of your service options that Money Man 4 Integrity. Lee spoke to me as if I were his only client. He explained each option thoroughly and was genuinely interested in my business and me.   2) Idol chatter (yes, I said it). As we were going through the process, he would keep my attention with random questions and comments that didn't pertain to the business at hand, but it had relevance with a genuine tone.   3) Follow-up. His callbacks and follow-up were timely, and had me feeling that I made the BEST decision that I have ever made from a telephone-marketing agent.   In closing, I want to personally thank Lee for his excellent client services. Your training programs certainly are paying off. One thing that can't be taught is a genuine spirit, and Lee possesses that character trait to the full degree. I look forward to a long and lasting relationship with Money Man 4 Integrity.” Thanks for the information regarding the other two sites too www.moneyman4cashadvance.com & www.moneyman4business.com they really helped me with my cash flow problems.
Barry, Furniture Retail
Shila, Your prompt e-mail is very much appreciated. It is a pleasure to do business with you!
Sonja, Massage Therapy Owner
I have overwhelming praise for Shirley's performance and want to thank her endlessly. Excellent job!
Jen, Women Clothing Store
I just wanted to let you know that Stacey was helpful and a pleasure to speak with. Keep up the good work!
Jonathan, Interior Design
I don't mean to bother you with emails, but I have to say that my experience with Money Man 4 Business from the beginning of our relationship has been a pleasure. I deal with all types of businesses every day as we all do, even in our personal lives, and very few measure up to the level of customer service you provide. In addition, I want to let you know that it isn't just the great customer service you provide; these days it is impressive to me if someone is simply doing their job correctly, but it is the level of kindness and sincerity your team has projected that is truly appreciated. If you would, please forward this along to your supervisor because I think that you deserve the recognition. Thanks again Arnold!
Julieann, Women Apparel Store
I just wanted to say how pleased I am with Arnold’s service, and how knowledgeable and helpful he always is whenever I call in for assistance.  Keep up the good work, Arnold!
Charles, Clothing Store
I have nothing but good things to say about Barbara because she went above and beyond to get everything straightened out with my account. I am very happy to know that a representative like Barbara is working with your company.
Jennifer, Safety Supplies Store
Working with you and your company has been seamless and easy. As a business owner that tries to stay busy, this is very much appreciated. Thanks again!
Charles, Advertising and Marketing Services
Meghan handled my serviced needs professionally and fast. She took the time to explain things to me and also gave me her direct e-mail address so that I could contact her any time with questions. I give her an A+!
Jerry, Gun Safety & Marksmanship Instruction
I am one of your newest customers and I would like to commend the outstanding performance of Elizabeth Brown I was in metal sales for 20 years, working both inside and outside, so I know what I'm talking about. Elizabeth knew her stuff, presented it in a friendly, warm and professional manner, and followed up twice, without annoying me whatsoever. Plus, she went above and beyond by helping me after the deal was closed. It is rare to encounter this level of service anywhere, much less over the phone. She is a wonderful representative of your company; the best kind. She's the sort that I, and others, will recommend. Please, do take good care of her. Give her compliments, pay her well, retain her, for she is the face people like me see. I was so very pleased by her work.
Russell, Jewelry
Beth, as a new user, I wanted to thank you for your support in answering all of my questions this morning. It is a pleasure to work with someone as knowledgeable about the system as you are.
Rose, Business Owner
I was very impressed and pleased with the service I received from Arnold. Good job and thanks!
Todd, Business Owner
Thank you so much for your hard work in making this happens for me. It's so nice to meet someone who is so dedicated and helpful in these difficult times. I am posting a blog on my travel agent forums about you and your company... hopefully you'll get lots of business! Again, thanks so much for your help.
Stephanie, Travel Agency
Jennie was extremely helpful, knowledgeable and quickly helped to get my whole situation taken care of. I recommend her for recognition. Her professionalism was exceptional. She was already versed with the situation and did not waste time to walk me through the issue expediently. Please pass along my thanks to Jennie and her manager.
Sandra, Therapeutic & Wellness Center
Alex... I am looking forward to working with you and your company. You have been awesome about staying on top of things and deserve a ton of credit. Please pass this along to your supervisor and/or have them call me anytime, as you definitely deserve a lot of credit... Thanks!
Chuck, Coffee Shop
We very much appreciate your efforts and willingness to compensate our company. If you are looking to increase customer loyalty, you have been extremely successful. Thanks again, Michelle; you have totally validated all the efforts of Ian, Kelly, Meagan, and the rest of your department!
Judy, Business Owner
I recently worked with Sierra to setup my merchant account. What I liked best about her service was that what she said was exactly what happened; there were no surprises! Her tenacity and dedication went a long way to winning me over and getting me to sign up. It actually took me a few days to get back to her because of my crazy schedule, but she called, faithfully, until we were able to connect. Once I was approved, her superior customer service remained, and she called me late one evening to assure me that everything was in place and to expect an email in the morning. I felt well taken care of through the entire process. Thanks Sierra!
Terrance, Interior Design Services
I'd like to give credit where credit is well earned. This young woman worked very hard to get us on board and I greatly appreciate her continuing to service us when and if the need arises.
Dr. Ronald, Mental Health and substance abuse center
I just wanted to thank you for being so polite, helpful and for being kind enough to have a conversation with me, even though it was basically small talk. I spoke with another company yesterday and they kept pushing their product on me. In their words, 'I would be an idiot if I didn't start the process with them that day.' Again, THANK YOU for showing me that there are still good companies out there.
Samantha, Business Owner
I want to thank you, not only for helping me through the process of getting my transaction finalized, but also for being so patient and so professional every step of the way. I truly commend you for going the extra mile for your clients. Customer Service representatives like yourself are what make customers like us want to stay with your company and keep on coming back for more business. Nothing I say here will truly surpass what I think of the service you gave me; I wish my own employees were all like you, as I would have very happy clients all the time! Again, thank you so much for being so good to me and my business.
Martin, Business Owner
Recently, I was heartily impressed by your organization when I had come into contact with Dan Rowe. WOW, what a wonderful job he does; he is a great credit to your organization, especially in a time when we hear so much about poor service, unhappy employees and customers, etc. Many people believe that one of the most significant assets of any organization is its people, and if others in your company are anything like Dan, you are sitting on a gold mine!
John, Business Owner
I just wanted to let you know that Troy went above and beyond to get me the information I needed, and I appreciate that. Although it did not lead to a purchase, there is an open future as a result, and wanted to let you know that I noticed his desire to help me.
Frank, Business Service
I spent about forty-five minutes on the phone with Jerry. The man was an absolute joy to interact with. His personality was upbeat and he definitely knew what he was talking about. One of the most important outcomes of my conversation with Jerry is that I trust him, which is rare to come by with a sales person; I whole-heartedly believe that he has my best interests in mind. Coupled with an unbelievable service experience, this company easily has a new customer. Thank you Jerry; you're the best!
Ryan, Construction
Aleshia Morin was very patient with me and answered all my questions over a 4 day period. She made the decision to go through Merchant Warehouse very easy. Good customer service is hard to come by and I'll refer others to her when it is possible. Thanks again!
Jonathan, Publishing Company
The real reason I went with your company is your salesmanship. I have been in sales for many years and I greatly dislike pushy sales people (as some of your competitors are), and I appreciate that you sold me on your company without being pushy.
Joshua, Photography studio
I am writing in regards to Jerry Gialanella, the sales representative who I have been working with. I first started talking to Jerry via the chat applet on your website, and he very quickly was able to provide me with the information I needed and answered all of the questions I posed to him. He was very knowledgeable about all the products and services that you offer and was able to calculate very reasonable rates for our firm. With all businesses, when looking to improve or purchase new equipment or services, one needs to look at alternative solutions, which we did. The company we looked into did not offer the online chat that you provide, and when you send them an email, it takes them several days to get back to you. Once I did get in contact with a service representative, she could not answer any of my questions and told me that she would call me back when she found the answers I needed. She never called back and then their website went down... Their rates were not as low as yours and their website was not as informative or as easy to navigate as yours.... All in all, Jerry has been a pleasure to work with and I look forward to doing business with him again.
Douglass, Tax Preparation Service