Money Man 4 Business provides working capital to small
businesses to help them grow. We are proud to present
our unique line of credit program.

We have facilitated over $100 Million in funding to thousands
of small businesses nationwide. Contact us today
to see how we can help your business.

We provide entrepreneurs with flexible funding need to succeed 

We can get you funding fast by leveraging the strength of your personal credit. Our in depth
understanding of small business lending means we can provide lines of credit to new and growing
businesses in as fast as 2 weeks.

What our customers says?

About Our Credit Lines

 Grow your business with up to $200,000

Will not hurt your personal credit

Start fast, don’t miss opportunities

Funding as fast as 10 business days

650+ Credit Score

No minimum monthly/annual revenue required

No derogatory marks within the last 6 month

No current Bks

 Flexible, only pay interest on funds you use

Easier to qualify for than normal loans

Approvals in 2 business days

Enjoy introductory rates as low as 0%

No minimum time in business required

What our underwriting will look at:

No judgments, collections, or tax liens in unpaid status

At least 1 established bank credit line, min. ~$3K limit or real estate mortgage

Limited recent credit inquiries


Funding Range $20,000 – $125,000
No collateral, financials, or income documentation needed
No application or upfront fees
No business age requirements
No location requirements
No term or prepayment penalties
No restriction on use of funds
Revolving credit – Every dollar owner pays back in pricipal available for immediate use agaikn
Revolving line can be kept for however long owner wants
0% Introductory rate the majority of the time for 6,9, to 12 months
Builds business credit
Fast-usually takes around 7 days for Owner to start seeing results
Multiple banking relationships will create competition when negotiating rates in the future.

Credit report from last 30 days.